About Diana

About Diana

Hi There! 

I'm Diana 

I'm a wildlife biologist, environmental educator, and naturalist using my camera as a tool to share wildlife's stories.

I've always been passionate about nature, from sky high mountain tops to the bottom of the ocean and everything in between. 

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I grew up in northern and southern California, exploring the mountains and beaches as a kid. Life took me to the colorful landscapes of New Mexico and currently to the largest river in the Pacific Northwest.
Diving Oahu

When I'm not photographing, I enjoy hanging out with my family, playing music (drums are my choice), watching movies, and reading thrillers.

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~ Onaqui Wild Horse Catalogue     Foundation ~ Washington Trails Association magazine ~ Nature Photographer magazine ~ Willow Creek Press Calendar ~ New Mexico magazine ~Sierra Club hiking guide (NM) ~ Whale Tales (vol 2)


~ Photographing Birds in Motion ~ Crazy for Cranes ~Birding Off the Beaten Path ~Though Hiking the Tapteal Greenway ~Orca Behavior and Kayaking ~ Predatory and Aggressive Behaviors in Blacktip Reef Sharks and Jack in Palau Islands ~Monterey Bay Coastal Dolphin Project


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